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Acres, Art Direction + Design

Design – Acres

Art Direction + Design for indie rock band I worked with this indie rock band on various album cover artwork, posters and other promotional materials. The band’s lead singer and frontman, Tim Acres always had his own ideas about what the cover concept should be, and he trusted me to visually render those ideas through

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Branding + Design, Pocket

Branding + Design – Pocket

Branding + Design + Photography for atlanta-based digital agency I’ve worked with this digital marketing agency in the role of Creative Director for over a decade. I designed all branding and marketing collateral for the agency, as well as all of it’s clients over the last 10+ years. I have lead all creative initiatives for the team,

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7 Sharp 9, Art Direction + Design

Design – 7 Sharp 9

Art Direction & Design for indie rock band I worked with this Atlanta-based rock band for various album artwork collaborations where photography assets were limited, and budgets were small. I had to get creative with some of the imagery, shooting my own backdrops, props and textures to bring to life the gritty, alternative rock aesthetic

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