Yelp Atlanta – Instagram Takeover

yelp atlanta – instagram takeover, with graphiknation

I was honored to be asked by Yelp Atlanta to host this weeks’ “Takeover Tuesday”. It was so much fun curating a photographic tour of my favorite places to shoot in Atlanta, and where to eat, drink and hangout once you get there. I also got to throw in some tips for how I get the best shots, and what I look for when I’m out shooting the streets, and how you can improve your own sharable moments.

“One of my favorite places to just wander and get lost is right in the heart of downtown, and many days I head right here to Woodruff Park. This very spot is where the @atlstreetcar crosses paths and there are stops going in both directions, so it’s usually where I get off (or hop on) depending if I’m coming or going from my house in the Historic King District. If you find yourself at this iconic intersection downtown, the possibilities for where the day can take you are endless. Street shooter tip in this area, when in doubt, just look up! Unless it’s recently rained, then look down and snap some cool puddle shots.”

Check out some of my favorite posts in the screenshots below.


I predominantly use Mirrorless/Micro Four Thirds cameras and lenses by Panasonic LUMIX & Olympus, and I also recently bought a Sony and have been giving that a try. You can browse all my favorite camera gear on my Amazon Influencer Page, where you’ll find links to all of my favorite cameras & lenses from LUMIX, Olympus, and Sony. I edit professionally in Adobe Lightroom & Adobe Photoshop.  I post a curated collection of images consistently on my Instagram feed, or you can find even more of my professional photography on Flickr.

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