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Mercedes Benz Stadium in Atlanta, GA

  3 Simple Ways to see (almost) everything worth seeing in Atlanta during the Super Bowl

Need to escape the NFL frenzy of Downtown and take a little break to relax, recharge or just shift gears and get a glimpse of the local scene, without having to fight traffic? It may sound impossible even to some who actually live here (insider tip: Cobb County is not Atlanta), but I can tell you as a real in town Atlanta local who doesn’t own a car, if you’re in Downtown, the possib

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  NYC, BABY! My Atlanta Streetcar Photos Made It to Times Square! Probably the most exciting news (like ever) was hearing that some of my photography of the Atlanta Streetcar would be featured in a video ad that would appear in Times Square on the ABC Supersign! The ad (sponsored by Siemens) ran for 2 weeks in April 2015 and featured 4 of my photographs of the Atlanta Streetcar. Naturally, this was cause for a trip to NYC to see it in action and take even more photos! The advertising team at

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