My Atlanta Streetcar Photos Made It to Times Square!


NYC, BABY! My Atlanta Streetcar Photos Made It to Times Square!

Probably the most exciting news (like ever) was hearing that some of my photography of the Atlanta Streetcar would be featured in a video ad that would appear in Times Square on the ABC Supersign! The ad (sponsored by Siemens) ran for 2 weeks in April 2015 and featured 4 of my photographs of the Atlanta Streetcar. Naturally, this was cause for a trip to NYC to see it in action and take even more photos! The advertising team at ABC were so awesome and accomodating, and generously gave me an excellent opportunity to shoot the video ad, uninterrupted for 3 minutes! Without their help, I never could have gotten so many great shots and I am blown away by their level of professionalism and customer service. I heart the team at #ABC #Supersign!

Here’s a link to the ad in its entirety on YouTube or see the final images on Flickr.


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