Honored & Excited to be Shared by Madonna – Again and LEGIT!

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Honored & Excited to be Shared by Madonna – Again! And this time it’s LEGIT!

I’m still running on pure adrenaline from a fantastic show last night from Madonna in Atlanta, but #OMG, people! MADONNA shared 2 of my images from last night’s incredible show! It pays to stay up way past your bedtime and get some images posted fast. Madonna shared 2 of my photos on her Instagram, Facebook & Twitter pages and the best part (for me) this time is that she found them on my feed! And you can actually see and read my watermark (yay!). Just a little back story, a few of my images from the NYC & Brooklyn shows back in September were also shared by Madonna, but through re-posts from other fans who had seen & shared them as their own. Not that I’m complaining about that detail, but it sure is nice to finally see a legit share on the messy and complicated interwebs(!)

Additionally, it should be noted that as close as I was to Madonna at this particular show, during the performance of Rebel Heart where my artwork appears on-screen behind Madonna, I DID NOT EVEN SEE IT because of all the jumping and screaming(!) Lucky for me, my partner Nancie took a cellphone video. I will post a link to that soon.

A real highlight of this show for me was seeing Madonna perform Secret, which she wrote with Dallas Austin in Atlanta many years ago. I remember that time very well, and missing Madonna by mere minutes at Velvet and DARP studios. That was my favorite time in Atlanta, when it was gritty and edgy and ungentrified – and I was in my twenties(!) There was a coolness and electricity to the city that I think is now forever lost. Not just here in Atlanta, but everywhere across the US and the world in this new “digital era”. Madonna’s acoustic performance of Secret took me back to that time and place. Very moving and emotional for me. I just love this woman. She’s been a constant source of light and inspiration for me since I was eleven. I’m so grateful to have had the resources and opportunity to see her perform at such close range. Truly dynamic and captivating. There really are no words adequate to describe the feeling of seeing Madonna looking you right in the eyes. #f—ingchillspeople

Here’s a link to my images of Madonna on Flickr, including 3 shows of the Rebel Heart Tour (Madison Square Garden & Barclays Center in NYC and Philips Arena in Atlanta, GA).


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