Lauren Holley Featured in the Atlanta-Journal Constitution

Jackson Street Bridge graphiknation, LaurenHolley

Lauren Holley Featured in the Atlanta-Journal Constitution

Over the last couple of weeks, I have been corresponding with journalist, Pete Corson on his story for the Atlanta-Journal Constitution on the iconic Jackson Street Bridge in Atlanta, GA. The article focuses on the location’s history and steep rise in popularity in recent years, due largely to the hit television show “The Walking Dead”, along with the word-of-mouth, viral nature of social media sharing (in this case, specific to Instagram). You can read the full article, or check out some of my images in the accompanying Instagram gallery as well as the community hashtag gallery on Instagram #JacksonStreetBridgeAJC.

The article mentions my my meet up group, The Atlanta Urban Photo Walkers, as well as the widely popular local hashtag community @WeLoveATL. The image gallery also features some of my favorite fellow Instagrammers like @WhyILoveATL, @KoolestKeith, @b.chil, @iJakeSays, @beijingEmily, and @AnaSantosPhoto, just to name a few.

I also contributed some tips for capturing great images on the bridge, if you want to give that a read and do your own drive-by shooting. You can see more of my favorite images taken from the bridge on Flickr, or follow me (@graphiknation) on Instagram.

The printed article is expected to be featured in this Sunday’s edition of the Atlanta-Journal Constitution, February 15, 2015.

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