Stadiums & Skyline Views

With the Mercedes-Benz Stadium nearing completion, it’s starting to look pretty amazing with all these blazing hot summer sunsets. Let’s take advantage of the lull in event activity, since Philips Arena is closed for renovation, and the stadium is not yet open for business.

We’ll catch sunset behind the iconic A T L A N T A sign outside Philips Arena, and the new Falcons stadium, just next door. Then we can spread out and shoot light trails & car traffic on the pedestrian bridge along Centennial Olympic Park Drive and MLK Jr. Dr., where there is a pretty great skyline view of Downtown.

PARKING & MARTA: Parking is plentiful in downtown, but the Red Deck for GWCC & Georgia International Plaza is right below the park where we will gather. This is also a MARTA station! Here’s a link for details: