Party on Broad Street & We’re Invited!

Let’s all just skip rush hour traffic, hop on MARTA and head downtown for happy hour on Broad Street, hosted by FlatironCity & Central Atlanta Progess. Beer & snacks provided, party is right outside the Flatiron Building on Broad Street.

Normally, Broad Street is most alive & active during business hours, and then goes into “sleep mode” after 5:00pm. That can make it a challenge to capture any signs of life along this rich and textured, urban streetscape. Don’t miss the party, grab your camera and meet me there!

MARTA is SMARTA: No matter where you are in Metro Atlanta, you’re just a short train ride away! Broad Street is equal walking distance between the 2 biggest train stations in downtown, FIVE POINTS & PEACHTREE CENTER. You can hop off at either stop and it’s only about a 5 minute walk. Check online for your nearest available MARTA parking here:

Via city ordinance, you must RSVP here if you plan to attend.